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Digital media has provided the distinct advantage of allowing businesses a deeper look into where traffic is coming from and what’s helping the business.  It’s a tough landscape to navigate given the huge variety of metrics is methods from tracking which vary substantially from platform to platform.


An increasing number of these actions aren’t even occurring on your website, and may represent a phone call or an engagement with a social post. 


We can analyze your current tracking and measurement process, fill gaps and address discrepancies to create a better foundation.  We can also shape a valuation model to put focus on the right metrics that will ultimately impact your bottom line.

A strong analytics foundation is a requirement for any digital advertising program.  Without solid analytics, bad data will drive poor decisions.

Our experience includes:

  • Google Analytics

  • Setup Assistance (including via Google Tag Manager GTM)

  • Goal/Event Creation and Prioritization

  • Segment Creation

  • UTM tagging template

  • Call Tracking

  • Vendor Selection (Incl. Tracking model comparison and cost estimation)

  • Program Design and Implementation Assistance

  • Custom Report and Metric Setup

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