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Digital Marketing & Analytics for Automotive


We know tires, oil changes and everything in between. We understand the daily battle for market share and profit margins at the store level and pair that with substantial knowledge around the ever-changing digital ecosystem. Our founder has been a driving force for the digital strategy of half a dozen of the top aftermarket automotive chains across the company providing support for nearly 6,000 brick and mortar locations and also has experience with a variety of car dealership brands.

Do you know:

  • How weather impacts online behavior?

  • Online demand, how it relates to in-store sales and when to capitalize on it?

  • What your mobile traffic is looking for and doing compared to your desktop visitors?

  • How much of your digital investment is focused on new customer acquisition vs. retention?

  • The best geographic targeting around your stores for the most impact?

  • Which services typically have the best ROI, all things considered?

  • The impact of your offline media, online?

  • How to use your existing customers to find new customers more quickly and efficiently?

  • How to tweak your online appointment funnel or tire search tools to increase conversion rates?

  • How much of your overall sales are impacted by your digital media?

  • How to not miss a beat when opening new stores or expanding through acquisition?

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