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Why We're Better

There’s a common belief within large organizations that given their status, they need a digital agency commensurate to their size. There’s an assumption that their account will be serviced by team members with years of digital experience.


Unfortunately, that is seldom the case. A pitch team comprised of people who do have many years of experience in the industry will put forward a plan. Often, they make promises which, at the executionary level, can’t be fulfilled. Once onboarded, the account will be managed largely by new grads with a year or less of experience. Even if an account executive is saying the right things, it is likely those actually pulling the strings with your investment lack core channel and platform knowledge. They’re getting their feet wet in the industry and likely don’t have any vested interest in the success of your business. The big price tag doesn’t guarantee big thought leadership and certainly not big results.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are agencies with smaller price tags which specialize in volume of clients rather than size. There’s no personal touch here and much is lacking in the way of insights and actual learning, which is a shame given how valuable digital channels are for learning about your business. These media accounts are set up based on cookie-cutter templates and managed almost exclusively via automation. Hands-on time is rare and usually limited to ensure the budget is spent- and not necessarily effectively.

Our founder has spent the better part of the last decade auditing existing enterprise-level accounts with multi-million dollar digital budgets and creating, executing and iterating on new strategies across a wide variety of industries and verticals. He’s used analytics to provide never-before-seen advertising, user behavior, operational and financial insights. You'll directly benefit from this experience without the bait and switch style of many agencies.

Our Model

We can work within a variety of models based on your needs. Sample scenarios include:


  • Consulting scope where we audit desired components of your digital media and analytics and deliver our findings and recommendations for your in-house team or agency to review and implement

  • Audit and recommendations are followed by active guidance to in-house team members or agencies including assistance for 3-6 months following audit and restructuring

  • Audit and recommendations are paired with hands-on implementation of recommendations alongside existing media and analytics management agency

  • Audit findings and recommendations are implemented by CodifiDigital and ongoing management and reporting scope in place

Want to Learn More? Contact Us

Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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